Almost everyone loves music and being able to have the best quality of music delivered wherever and whenever you want is truly a bliss. With the ever-evolving sound technology, we now have access to a wide range of portable sound devices. Though sometimes it can be quite confusing to choose from this sea of choices. Finding the right pair of headphones is not an easy task if you are serious about your music quality. Audiophiles are quite particular about the various specifications of headphones that can enhance or affect the sound quality. For some people having a lot of basses is important while for some getting the perfect treble levels are very important. How do you like it? Do you like to have an exact reproduction of the music or do you like to enjoy the music as if you yourself are present at the stage? No matter how you like it, choosing the right headphones can make your desires become an everyday reality. Choose your purpose The most basic yet important step to choosing the best headphones for you is to first decide what you are going to use it for. What is your purpose for buying it? People get headphones for various reasons. Usually, people tend to prefer it for its excellent quality and portability. But to pinpoint the exact model and type of a pair of headphones suitable for you, you need to decide what you are going to use it for. There different types of headphones available in the market these days- headphones for gaming, headphones for music producers and composers, headphones for casual listening, headphones for corporate communication and what not. What should you pay attention to while choosing a headphone? Comfort Being comfortable with your headphones is very important. You’ll probably end up using it for hours. You would not want to damage your ears by choosing a headphone that doesn’t fit you and feels comfortable. Before buying the pair, try it on for some time to see how it feels to use it. Getting one with a fabric padding or cushion can also make it really comfortable. Weight You should prefer headphones that are more lightweight than those which have a bulky design. A bulkier headphone is hard to stay up on your head and could also feel heavy while using it. Getting lightweight headphones with comfortable padding is an ideal option. Portability You should pay attention to this factor while buying a pair of headphones. Usually, people skip this part as often while doing stationary work, messy headphones don’t make much difference but if you doing some physical activity that involves movement then they can be a real pain. Depending on your purpose, you should consider this factor carefully. They are various types of sleek fold up headphones available these days. Overall, you should remember the purpose for which you are buying the device. With so many options, you might feel inclined to buy what’s popular and stylish rather than considering these factors. But you should remember that a headphone is like a partner if you don’t find the right pair it would fail your happiness altogether.